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R/C Airplane Stuff
PAU 42% Extra 300sp
Carden Extra 300 Pro
50cc Cessna Sky Link
Ziroli 1/5 Scale F4U-1 Corsair




Amateur Radio [K4AMA]
Cockpit Simulator Project
Running Bucket List
(Dec, 2017)
1. Hunt Peace River Valley, Alberta Canada
2. Visit the Giant Red Woods, Washington
3. Visit Rome, Itally
4. Take my brother to Argentina
5. Have a Pint in Scotland, at Loch Ness
6. Pheasant Hunt in South Dakota
7. Hunt with Jody Hanson, Montanna
8. See the Aurora Borealis - Senja Norway
9. Pilots Instrument Rating
10. Goose Hunt Manatoba

Finish Pilots License
Visit the Giant Red Woods, California
Visit Napa Valley, California

Things to add next
A. Fly myself to Key West, FL
B. Fly myself to the Bahamas
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